A Need-To-Know Guide for Encapsulating PCBs with Thermally Conductive Polymers

High-Temperature Adhesion and Potting: A Versatile Epoxy Solution

Overlooked Considerations in Thermal Conductivity: Viscosity and Flow Rate

Press Release: Resin Designs Low Viscosity ThermoSink 35-7 Passes ASTM E595-15 for Low Outgassing

How to Select the Right Thermal Interface Material

Critical Flame Protection for PCB Components with HumiSeal® UV800FR

Picking the Right LOCA Adhesive Viscosity for Automotive LCD Assembly

How to Apply and Troubleshoot B-Stage Film Epoxy Adhesives

When Precision Really Matters, Choose B-Stage Epoxy Films

Harnessing the Benefits: Multi-Functional EMI Shielding Gaskets and Ropes

Enhancing PCB Service Life and Performance with Thermal Pads

Choosing the Best Thermally Conductive Polymer for Your Application

Testing for Reliability: EV Motor Magnet Bonding

Resin Designs Thermosink 35-6 Passes ASTM E595-15 for Low Outgassing

Processing Thermally Conductive Polymers: Challenges and Solutions

Q-SUN: Testing Display Adhesives for Longterm Success

Get Better Sealing and Gasketing with High-Performance Gel Ropes

Resin Designs ThermoSink Demonstrates Successes in Multiple Thermal Management Applications

Protecting Electronics Connectors Using Silicone Gel Grommet Seals

Polymers For The Protection of Your Underground Devices

Resin Designs will Participate at MD&M West Expo

Resin Designs Receives UL Certification for NEXUS UV800-FR Adhesive

Resin Designs Promotes New, Dual-Cure Medical Adhesive AXIS 151-091

Resin Designs Introduces Dual Cure AXIS 1064 Medical Adhesive

Keep Your Electronics Cool With Thermal Management Materials

Advantages of LED Curable Adhesives for Medical Device Assemblies

Electric Vehicles: Polymers for Performance, Reliability, & Protection

Protective Coatings and Polymers for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electronics

Multifunctional EMI Shielding Gaskets and Ropes

What Is the Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) of a Polymer

Processing and Troubleshooting Epoxy Adhesives and Encapsulants

Is a UV Curable Adhesive or Coating the Right Choice for Me?

Announcement: Resin Designs Axis® 310 and 310-W are Approved to ISO10993-5 (Cytotoxicity) Medical Standard

Learn How to Waterproof a Small Wire Bundle

Effective Waterproofing of Wire Bundles & Harnesses

mmWave Radar Design Enhancement with TechFilm B-Stage Adhesives

5 Advantages of Cationic Epoxies

Our 165-183 UV Curable Adhesive is now UL V0 Rated

All You Need to Know About B-Stage Epoxy Films

How to Increase Flowability & Thermal Conductivity of Your Potting Material

7 Benefits of Pre-Cured Pads in Thermal Interface Applications

How to Prevent Corrosion on Metal Surfaces due to Moisture and Fluids

5 Important Reasons Why You Should be Mindful of Glass Transitions Temperatures When Selecting an Epoxy Adhesive

The Various Methods for Curing UV Adhesives

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